Studio Art and Design practices: Exploration of Atypical Approaches in Mixed Media Wearable Art for Contemporary Fashion.

Chika Chudi-Duru


Surface decorations about resist dyeing are usually presented in such a way that only one technique is preferably utilized to embellish a piece of fabric. The idea of adding another technique is not easily accepted or fancied. Most people are used to one technique at a time due to the time that could be wasted producing them, financial constraints, and maybe ignorance or low pricing by consumers. However, this study is of the view that the application of one technique has become unpopular through the years, and involving more than one technique has not been given sufficient attention by artists and designers. This study also projects that if as many as four techniques could be carefully explored in the same fabric, they would add some distinct qualities to that piece of fabric. More so, it becomes a mixed-media wearable art because more than one medium is involved. This study’s objective is to carry out some studio explorations on mixed media wearable art that involve four techniques. This is qualitative research. It utilizes studio exploratory research design. Photographs are the research instruments utilized in this study. One of the findings of this study reveals that the various techniques used for production in the studio yielded some positive results which are unique and could be constructed into apparel for contemporary fashion. It also adds to the variety of fabric designs in the world of textile art. It summarily recommends that this practice should be explored further in the studio to showcase its potential in the world of art, textiles, and fashion, and for artistic and economic gains in Nigeria.

Keywords: Resist techniques, Mixed media, Wearable art, Contemporary textile art, Screen printing.

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