Rita Uzoamaka Onyeizugbe, Joseph C. Onyejiaka


The study examined flooding and flood losses in relation to land utilization in Ogbaru L.G.A of Anambra State Nigeria. Investigations were carried out to ascertain why severe flooding and flood losses has become an annual occurrence in the area. Laboratory analysis was also done on water samples collected from Agbo and Onuka Rivers to determine if the 2018 flooding affected adversely water quality in the area and finally the severity of 2018 flood disaster in study area, in terms of height of inundation. Results showed that presence of a water body, topography of the area and human encroachment are the major causes of the annual flood and flood loss in the area. Again the 2018 flood disaster resulted to pollution of River Onuka and River Agbo in the study area, with height of inundation being 110.3cm. The study further recommended measures to mitigate and abate completely the problem of flood in the area which includes adjustment of human settlements in the area, adequate land use planning, use of flood plain area for agricultural purposes, among other recommendations.

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