Dry Season Water Quality Assessment and Its Health Implications in Ankpa Town, Kogi State, Nigeria

S. Ishaya


This study assessed dry season water quality and its health implications in Ankpa Town, Kogi State, Nigeria. The main objective of this study was collecting water samples from river, borehole and water tanker, and examined the physio-chemical properties of the water samples before comparing results with the Federal Ministry of Environment and World Health Organization Water Quality Standard. The second objective was to identify the likely health-related implications associating with the quality of sampled water. Water samples were collected from River, Tanker and Borehole in Ankpa Town, Kogi State and analyzed at Department of Soil and Environmental Management Laboratory Kogi State University. Findings show that all physio-chemical parameters of well water fell within acceptable limit of both FME and WHO except for Iron, Zinc, Alkalinity, Calcium and Phosphate. All the physio-chemical parameters of tanker water sample fell within the acceptable limit of both FME and WHO except Iron, Zinc and Alkalinity. Generally, water from river, borehole and tanker water are not fit for consumption due to the exceeding levels of Iron, Zinc, Alkalinity, Calcium and Phosphate.  There is need for provision of hygienic potable water supply in Ankpa town by the Kogi State Government to help reduce indiscriminate water acquisition and reduce the impact of poor quality of water on human health.

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